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abundance is not just trading or investing, it is more than that. it is a feeling of being fulfilled and content.

A minimalist approach to investments

Minimalist guide to investing
When it comes to money, we often tend to over complicate investments.   Keeping your investments simple will not only help with tracking but also give enough time to focus on your priorities. What exactly is Minimalism In the words of…

How to sell a Covered Call Option?

how to write covered call option
what is a Covered Call option trade? How to use Covered Call as an Income Strategy?  How does Covered Call work…answers to these and other questions below. Covered Call is an Income strategy which is easy to understand and implement. …

How to use LEAPS option strategy effectively?

LEAPs option strategy
How to use Leaps option strategy effectively? Did you know that legendary investor Warren Buffet uses Leaps options strategically to buy his favorite stocks and indexes? Leaps options are a great tool for someone looking to leverage on going long…